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Black on Black on Black: 2001 ML55 AMG

Listed yesterday in Virginia Beach, VA, this 2001 ML55 AMG has been listed with 117k miles at a small independent dealership. In recent years, AMGs from this era have been stepping into the light and values have steadily been appreciating. For someone looking for the perfect winter rig that must be an AMG and won't break the bank, this ML55 could be a good solution with an asking price of $5,000.

A little bit of TLC would go a long way with this one. We'd start off with a headlight restoration to rid the yellow oxidized haze on the lenses. It's amazing what clear lenses will do to the overall appearance of your vehicle. This ML55 is finished in Black (040) over Black Leather interior. Assuming there's no clear coat issues, a paint correction would help to bring back the luster of the finish. The previous owner was obviously a fan of black as the wheels and grill have either been painted or plasti-dipped black as well. Fortunately, this isn't the worst to change back and the wheels are OEM.

On the interior, some wear on the leather seats can be seen but fortunately no tears or rips. Fading on pieces of the woodgrain interior, notably on the steering wheel and center console is apparent. Still, we feel this ML55 is priced accordingly.

The seller doesn't provide any information around the history or prior maintenance of the vehicle. They do, however, state that the vehicle runs and drives great with no warning lights on the dash. The heat and AC are said to work with no issues and the tires have plenty of tread remaining. While this isn't the cleanest ML55 in the world, it seems like a great place to start. As we said earlier, a little bit of love will go a long way with this one and the 117k miles wouldn't scare us. The M113 engine is reliable and has a lot of life left if properly maintained. The asking price is attractive at only $5,000. Do your homework on this one and you might find yourself with a solid winter rig for the upcoming season.


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