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Blank Canvas Transporter: 1991 Mercedes 410D (611/TN)

Whether you are looking to build the Mercedes camper van of your dreams, a track support vehicle for your Mercedes Racecar, or you're an avid follower of The MB Market and need a roll-back car hauler for all the cars you've been buying lately - today's post might be one for you.

Although difficult to tell from the photos provided, this 1980 Mercedes 410D (611) listed on EBay appears to be a great starting point for the DIY Mercedes themed hauler of your dreams. Produced between 1989 and 1995, the 410D was the highest trim TN (Transporter Neu) on offer at the time, outfitted with a 98hp OM602 Diesel inline 5-cyl mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox. You will need to make some modifications however if your intentions are to take it off-road as these were rear-wheel drive.

What's important here is that it appears as though this truck is ready to get going on right away, regardless of your intentions with it. Seeing as these trucks were generally used around the world as utility vehicles (Farm trucks, Local law enforcement, Ambulances, etc.) the overall cosmetic condition of this particular 611 appears to be very good. There is no rust present in any of the photos, the overall body appears to not have been subjected to the elements for any prolonged period, and the interior presents nicely with a tasteful two-tone color palette. The tires also appear to be recently replaced with good tread remaining.

Being that it is an import, it would be a good idea to press the owner regarding any documentation regarding service history and mileage under previous ownership, which is currently shown at 78,000km (48,000Miles) as well as the proper import documentation to verify it's legality here in the US. Aside from that, this would appear to be a good deal at $12,900 with the option to "Make an offer", as we would imagine it would be difficult to replicate getting another one here in similar condition for less than the current asking price.


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