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Blue Star: 2007 S65 AMG in Tanzanite Blue

There are few things better than a V12 S-Class Mercedes. The exception being, of course, a twin-turbo V12 S-Class Mercedes with the full AMG treatment.

Offered for sale on craigslist out of San Ramon, CA is this 2007 S65 AMG in Tanzanite Blue over black leather interior. Priced reasonably for the market (if not a tad high), this example has a few points worthy of note that may derail certain buyers. First is the lack of the diamond-stitched leather interior which was exclusive to the S65 (for the W221 chassis) but only available beginning in 2008. Second, the updated taillights in the rear may appeal to some but they could be an indication of rear end damage history/troubles and may not be an OEM set.

While this model was outfitted with a ton of incredible features for the time (heads-up night-vision display, radar-guided Distronic cruise control), servicing those features is less important than the basics here. Namely, the ABC suspension components, the coil packs for the engine and the AMG brakes/rotors. Those components alone, if they were to fail altogether, could easily exceed the $24,500 asking price on this blue beauty.

Any serious buyers should certainly seek out a VMI to ensure these items have been serviced regularly and, at this mileage in particular, that the coil packs have all been replaced recently (in accordance with the MB service interval prior to 100k miles).


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