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Bold from all angles: 190E 2.5-16v Evolution II - NO RESERVE

Have you had your morning coffee yet? Well you wont need it after having a look at what was just listed on Bring a Trailer's premium auction platform. This 1990 Mercedes 190E 2.5 16V Evo II, number #211 of 502 and showing just 95,000km (59,000 miles), is now up for sale in the Netherlands at no reserve! That means you have just under 2 weeks to sell-off all of your worldly belongings and give yourself a fighting chance at owning this incredible piece of Mercedes-Benz automotive and racing history.

The Evo II was produced following a 502 unit production run of an already bold 190E 2.5-16V "Evo" (or Evo I), with its aggressively tuned 202hp Cosworth engine, adjustable suspension and a wide-body kit with a sizable rear spoiler. The second iteration of the series proved to be even more profound, with a further revised 232hp motor now fitted with the AMG Power-Pack, full SLS adjustable suspension, and the now iconic Evo II wide-body kit boasting even wider wheel arches and a rear spoiler so preeminent that it almost suggests "you must be this tall to ride".

Finished in iconic Blue-Black Metallic (199) over Anthracite Leather (271), this very special W201 appears to have been well loved throughout its life, presenting beautifully both inside and out. Detailed photos showcased in the gallery also include a well preserved undercarriage, what looks to be a very tidy engine bay, and a number of service records dating as early back as 1991. There is plenty to be said about this iconic piece of MB history, head over to Bring a Trailer for the full write-up and discussion, and to find out where this one ends up.


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