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Bordeaux Red over Parchment: 1999 E430 Sport

If this was closer to Virginia I think we all know who would've snatched this one up by now but we won't mention any names (Blakley Leonard)... but instead it's in Seminole, FL so fair is fair. Currently listed with 98k-miles, this 1999 E430 is nicely optioned with the Sport package, xenon headlight, and a rear sunshade; no heated seats because Florida. The Sport package gave the car AMG style bumpers and skirts along with 17" five spoke wheels which makes a world of difference aesthetically on the w210. Even more interesting is the color combo, bordeaux red over parchment tan leather. Typically when you spot one of these cars it's silver or black and that's just the nature of the beast. So when we see a well-kept example like this it's worth a closer look.

The seller states the car has recently been serviced at the Mercedes-Benz dealership and the seller himself is a technician. The car has had a fluids changed and new tires installed. The seller states the car drives excellently and the AC blows ice cold. The mileage is low for a 1999 model year car and 98k-miles doesn't scare us one bit on the m113 engine. The seller states he is the second owner but we'd recommend a history check just to verify that along with any potential accident history.

Most importantly, being a w210, the seller states the car has absolutely no rust. By now, everyone knows w210's can be notorious for rust issues developing. Luckily, dryer climate cars such as this tend to fair much better than the average and this appears to be one of the lucky ones. There's no picture of the driver seat to comment on the wear, however, the woodgrain appears to be well kept without cracking. There is a steering wheel cover leaving us wondering the condition of the leather on the wheel underneath. The only notable flaws we can spot are a small crack in the top left corner of the passenger airbag cover on the dash and a sagging headliner, both of which are extremely common for all w210s and worse for those in warmer climates. Overall, we think this will make someone an excellent car for many years to come and with an asking price of $4,500, it won't break the bank.


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