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Bornite Beauty: 1993 300E 3.2L Sportline

As you well know by now, we're suckers for interesting and rare colors. This Bornite (metallic raspberry) over grey leather 300E is no exception. Rarely do you find this color stateside, much less in Sportline spec. The Sportline specs were optioned with stiffer shocks and slightly lowered suspension from the factory. To finish off the Sportline look, 15x7 alloy wheels were also installed. In addition, the interior was upgraded with 500E Recaro seats, a nappa leather shift knob, and smaller (390mm) steering wheel. This example currently shows 127k-miles and can be found here on Facebook Marketplace, just outside of Los Angeles, CA for a reasonable $6,600 asking price.

Some minor cracks around the center console window switches can be seen in the wood and some slight wear on the driver's left seat bolster. The seller states the car has recently received a new battery, complete new cooling system, wiring harness, airflow sensors, O2 sensors, and temp sensor. In addition, new brakes and rotors were installed along with Sportline shocks, spark plugs, fuel filter, and fuel pump. Needless to say, that is a decent amount of maintenance which does leave us wondering why the Check Engine light remains on. The paint looks to be in excellent shape, just make sure there are no clear coat issues (typically on the roof). Overall, the car looks very clean and if you're a fan of Bornite you can't be too picky.


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