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Budget Brabus: 2001 SLK320 6-Speed

If the idea of open-top gear rowing excites you but the 165k Rennsport 190SL is out of budget, might we suggest this 2001 SLK320. It can be found here on Facebook Marketplace for $8,500 and comes complete with three pedals, six gears, and a few Brabus goodies to liven up the experience.

Showing just 80k miles on the clock, this SLK looks to be a fair deal even in stock form. Delivered in February 2001 as a base SLK320, it’s still nicely equipped with almost every option needed in a small Roadster; Sharp black (040) paint over what appears to be a well kept Anthracite leather interior accented with Eucalyptus wood on the center console, door cards, steering wheel, and shift knob. We’d like to see heated seats as an option but the heating elements wouldn’t be hard to add aftermarket…if this is a deal-breaker, a buyer could even find a new center console bevel and add the OEM switches.

The R170 SLK320 was a fun little car in stock form, pushing out 215hp from the M112 V6 and the 6-speed allowed the driver a fair bit more control over power delivery than the automatics. Add a few Brabus performance enhancers and this little car surely wakes up. The seller notes Brabus suspension, exhaust, wheels, and a tune accompany this car. Although no power figures are given, the chip is typically good for a couple dozen more horsepower. If the exhaust work includes headers, that number can creep a little higher still.

R170 buyers always complain the SLK32 wasn’t available with three pedals but we don’t see this as a competitor for prospective buyers. However, if you’re looking at NB Miatas, S52 M Roadsters, or a first generation Audi TT, we’d strongly recommend looking into this SLK320 at this price point. Judging by the ad it’s been well loved and maintained



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