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Byzantine Bliss: 1973 350SLC

Byzantine Gold...A rarer Mercedes paint color from the 1970’s palette that’s always captivated us but in our opinion wasn’t ordered nearly enough in the North American market. R107’s, W123’s, W114’s, and even the W116 were available in this color but the car in question today is this 1973 350SLC showing only 74k miles on the odometer. It’s currently listed here on Craigslist in New Milford, CT for what we think is a reasonable $18,000. Take a look and let us know your thoughts.

Although this C107 isn't one of the more desirable, and significantly rarer, 5.0 liter examples, it is still a european-spec 107 Coupe in Byzantine Gold (DB 422). For quick reference the coupes were built by combining the chassis from the W114 and the R107 standard chassis to create the longer wheelbase SL with a fixed roof. As a result, these cars displayed a number of features seen across both chassis, one of the most notable being the vertically opening fuel door. It’s important to note the North American cars to receive the 350SLC badging were actually equipped with the 4.5 liter V8 whereas the european spec cars

This specific car displays well and although it looks a tad darker than most Byzantine Gold cars we’ve seen it could just be the photography- so no need to assume a repaint. We’re happy to see the european headlamps and bumpers still intact along with all the bits that make these cars trim-parts nightmares. The body looks to be in exceptional shape and even the matching hubcaps appear to be nicely kept.

The interior shows equally as well as appears free from tears, scuffs, or even heavy wear. No telling if certain items have been replaced but if anything in this car is original, it’s great looking. If the buyer can procure more details and documentation by way of records and maintenance this should be a solid find for $18,000. Certainly these are bound to keep appreciating in the coming years, especially seemingly well sorted examples.



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