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California Dreamin: 1984 380SL

Everybody loves a good R107 SL, these cars invoke endless thoughts of the 1980’s from Beverly Hills Cop (I and II) to Sharon Stone’s vengefully bashed up SL in Casino. The R107 is one of the most iconic designs on the road and each seems to carry it’s own rich history and story. When we got this 1984 380SL from one of our readers we were happy to share it and hope we help find a buyer. The car can be found listed here on Facebook Marketplace in Washington, DC for $9,800 and 157k on the odometer. Thanks to Alex Miller for the submission.

Finished in a timeless Signal Red (568), this car presents nicely at first glance with ten percent attitude from the yellow tinted fogs and high beams. The matching Signal Red hard top is shown in the listing and the soft top is said to be in great shape as well. A small trim piece in front of the left rear wheel can be seen missing in a couple photos but that’s easy enough to locate and replace as needed. In one shot, the rear window of the soft top can be seen and it doesn’t appear to suffer from oxidation and fading, although easier to fix than the R129, still a nuisance.

The seller notes a lot of recent maintenance including a new water pump, new ignition, new o rings, brake flush, new idle control module and valve, and a power steering flush. There wasn’t much on these cars that could go drastically wrong to render them unusable but decent records are always nice to find. It’s important to note that earlier 380SL’s suffered from a single row timing chain that was prone to failure (81-83) but the 84+ models benefitted from a redesign. The interior of this car is where the most love will need to be administered, the Brazil leather interior, albeit pretty in this combo looks especially tired alongside the cracked wood trim but luckily the seller is including new seat covers for the next owner. A quick call to Madera Concepts will have that wood looking 1984-fresh. Also included with the car is the hardtop stand and a car cover.

Every R107 tells its own story and this one’s starts in California, currently ends in Martha’s Vineyard and has a lot left to tell. Hopefully we can help this car find a good home where it will go on to fulfill more nostalgic 80’s fantasies behind the wheel.



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