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Can you Dig the Blues? 1999 C43 AMG in Lapis Blue

If photographs make the listing then options make the car. In the case of a very special C43 AMG, that option is code Z98. This C43 is currently listed in Bremen, Germany so our US followers will need to wait a few years before they can jump at the opportunity but that might just be long enough to see it pop back on the market. It can be found listed here with Collectors Lounge for 28,043 with a mild 111k kilometers on the odometer.

As we mentioned above, option Z98 is the star of this datacard, stating the OEM paint is “outside the sample card.” Simply put, this was a paint to sample C43 and possibly the only one in Lapis Blue (945). It’s important to note that although Porsche keeps a Lapis Blue on their palette, this 945 Lapis is darker and we think perfectly suited for the C43.

The interior is finished in Black Leather and trimmed in the classic 90’s Sport trim along the dashboard, center console, and door cards. Heated, multi-contour seats adorn the interior along with a single disc/cassette player. Everything seems to be in nice order including the aggressive sport steering wheel. It does seem the original floor mats have been replaced with OEM remanufactured units as AMG is present but the model designation has been left off.

As far as C43’s go, this is definitely one of the coolest on the market and absolutely cranks the fun factor to the nines compared to silver or black. As a one off, this would make a fine addition to any collection as parts are still somewhat available. It seems to need nothing other than some amber corner lights to complete the vintage 90’s look and a driver unafraid to stand out.


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Love, love this car! Coming from a time when conservatively styled, understated design was the thing, the color serves to make note to admirers, to check it out - this is a special car. Which, as we MB enthusiasts know, the C43 AMG really was, in its day, with top-level performance numbers, and now, knowing as we do, how rock solid and reliable the model has been, over time.

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