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Clean Diesel Coupe: 1983 300CD

It's fairly safe to say the w123 will outlast us all. These cars were well-built and the diesel engines were known for their longevity. It's not uncommon to see a w123 listed with near 500k miles on any given day with a quick online search. The wagons have already seen appreciating values while the coupes and sedans are currently still behind. For all of the w123's we come across, this one stands out as it's in above-average shape and the engine is just barely broken-in at 178k miles.

This 1983 300CD is finished in Astral Silver (735) over Blue MB Tex (132). The blue color-matched carpet, dash, and door cards are perfectly 80's. Some plastic bits such as the cover at the base of the seat does show some signs of wear but we're pleased to see no tears or major blemishes on the MB tex. We suspect the dash could potentially be a cover but it looks appropriate either way. Perhaps our favorite detail is the woodgrain which appears glossy and rich in color.

The OM617 engine was rated at 123 horsepower and 184 lb-ft of torque when new. There's something extremely endearing about the chugging sound of this engine. If you've ever had the pleasure of being around one of these then you know exactly what we're talking about.

Before you need to worry about the engine giving up at a million miles, the bigger w123 killer tends to be rust. Often found at the bottom of the rocker panels behind the wheels or in the floor of the trunk, this 300CD appears to have somehow made it almost 38 years without it. Inspection in person would be required to ensure this is the case but from the photos, the car appears very clean. Even the rubber moldings around the front and rear bumpers seem to be tight without discoloration.

This 300CD is currently listed by a private seller in Brockway, Pennsylvania for $8,900. Considering the incredible build quality of these cars, it seems like a great price. A wagon of similar condition would easily be double the asking price. It's hard to think this car could depreciate anymore so if you're looking for a classic workhorse that will hold strong value, this may be your ticket.


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