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Climbing prices: 1998 C43 AMG

Located in Miami Springs, FL, this 1998 C43 AMG was listed privately on Facebook for $31,900 and has a low 39k-miles. Normally, unmodified examples tend to bring the biggest premiums at auction. While this example does appear to me mostly stock, the car has been lowered and the AMG monoblock wheels have been upgraded to 18" from the 17" factory. These could be considered tasteful mods depending on how the car was lowered, although like the saying goes, it's only original once. Still, the car does look to be in excellent condition from the photos. Black on black looks stunning on this car and the all back interior tends to hold up better than the two tone options. The front corner lights have been switched to clear which we'd recommend taking back to stock.

The original window sticker is provided showing an original MSRP of $56,710 in 1998. One under body photo is provided and it appears to be free of any corrosion. All original keys do come with the car which is a big plus. Unfortunately, not much information is given about the history or maintenance of the car. These W202 AMG's have definitely been increasing in value over the last few years and as clean, low-mileage examples become more difficult to find, this trend is likely to continue. For now, this is one of the highest priced C43 AMGs we've come across. For inquiries, contact Julio Bautista at (786) 266-7687. At this price, this is a car we'd recommend seeing in person to ensure it's everything it's supposed to be.


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