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Coachbuilt: 1990 Mercedes 560 TEL (Estate) by CARO

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great wealth comes an even greater responsibility (we believe) to ensure that incredible and unique cars are built sparing no expense, for the world to enjoy for generations. Enter the world of custom coachbuilding where turning those eccentric dreams into reality is as simple as a wish and a few well endorsed checks. Over the next few days we will look at examples of some very special made-to-order Mercedes’, starting with this wonderfully executed 1990 560TEL (Estate).

Using a 1990 560SEL as a base, coachbuilders Caro of Hamburg successfully re-imagined what was considered to be the ultimate luxury sedan at the time, into the ultimate luxury “T-Modell” (German speak for Station Wagon or Estate), hence the “T”EL designation. Beautifully finished in what appears to be 199 Black pearl metallic over black leather, a Burlwood accented interior and European bumpers and headlights, this handsome example is a tasteful execution of a Mercedes offering that we would have loved to see put into production. Utilizing what we presume are S124 parts to complete the build, the fit and finish looks both excellent and appears to have held up quite beautifully over the years.

Ordered by someone who most likely needed an Estate vehicle at the time, but would absolutely settle for nothing less than the top of the Mercedes lineup, this very special automobile is now on offer from The Stuart Parr Collection in New York and shows only 103,000 kms (64k miles). A quick glance through their offerings and you will quickly get the sense that it has been well cared for during current ownership, which is certainly a necessity when considering the $95,000 price tag that comes along with it. Surely this is a small price to pay for such a unique and exclusive “Estate” vehicle.


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