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Deal Alert: 69k-mile 2000 E55 AMG

Listed yesterday in Sunnyvale, CA, this 2000 E55 AMG appears to be in great condition. Showing only 69k-miles, it is one of the lower mileage examples that we normally come across. Values for the w210 E55's has continued to rise over the last few years as people have begun to acknowledge and value the greatness of the cars from this era. You could still opt for a naturally aspirated AMG spec Mercedes without all of the technological burdens. There's no air suspension, brake jobs don't cost thousands, and the look is still eye-catching today. The 2000 model E55 was the first year for the facelift which is largely considered the more desirable and better looking version although we really love both.

The interior appears to be in above average condition. It's normal to see the woodgrain to be discolored, especially in warmer climate states. This one has mostly maintained the original black birds eye maple coloring and it's worth noting the sun shade sitting in the passenger front floorboard. The two-tone interior will usually show wear a bit worse than the all black interior. From what we can see, the steering wheel and seats appear to still be in great condition with minimal wear. We'd have to remove all the screens that have been added to the interior and revert back to OEM. With any luck, this is a COMMAND car and will make the conversion back a bit easier (need the VIN to verify).

On the exterior, the paint appears to be in great shape although the pictures make it very difficult to tell the extent of any potential paint work. The seller states the front bumper and headlights were replaced and they do look to be excellent from the photo. We'd definitely recommend getting a history report to verify no serious accidents, understanding that the occasional fender bender happens. The wheels appear to be well maintained and free from any major curb rash although closer pictures would help. The seller states H&R springs were added which has slight lowered the car. This can be a nice upgrade on a car like this although we can't tell if the rear is sitting slightly lower than the front, or it may just be the angle of the pictures and the grade it's sitting on. All in all, with a starting point of $12,000, this 2000 E55 AMG is a great deal. These have the potential to go for much more money than this, especially in well kept condition such as this. As time goes on, examples like this are only becoming more rare and sought after which can only mean the rising value trend will continue.


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