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Designo Knows how to Launch a Car: 2007 S550 Launch Edition

We’re throwing this out to see if it sticks with you guys. As a direct follow-up to the W220 (2000-2006 S Class) the W221 seemed to remedy all the shortcomings recognized in the “Chrysler Years.” With the predecessor being viewed as outdated and the most recent iteration (W222) still battling some depreciation and steep entry costs, the W221 really hits the sweet spot between accessibility, technology, and that classic Sonder Klasse feel we all crave when we think about what makes the W140 such a great car. This example is an early but interesting one, showing 95k miles and accompanied by a fun data card, this S550 is being offered for a song at $13,998 here on Craigslist out of Wichita, Kansas.

As every new iteration of the S-Class is launched, the masterminds at Designo select a unique combination of en vogue colors, materials, and finishes to adorn the “Launch Edition” and commemorate a new model from Mercedes-Benz. The W221 S Class saw a deep metallic Designo Graphite (041) exterior over a Beige (855) nappa leather with Designo Natural Matte Oak Grain. Although the combo is a mouthful, the product comes across smooth as silk as you open the heavy S-Class doors. As a product of modern Daimler, the upper dash and carpet remain Anthracite to provide a uniform image across the brand and most likely save some cost compared to tailoring and trimming per order.

Overall, this example seems to be well kept compared to most early W221’s approaching 100k miles of use across current classifieds. The paint seems to be in great shape along with all other exterior details. The 19”, model-specific, LA wheels appear to be rash free, the optioned pano top still in working order, and even the cloud-prone headlights seem to be crystal clear. The lower valence of the front bumper appears to have some scratches from steep entry and exit, although we’ll never understand why these cars get those as they all had Airmatic with the ability to lift at the push of a button. The interior seems to be just as nice with the only mentionable flaw (if it could be called that) being some loose leather on the drivers seat bottom and around the armrest. Thanks to some forum research, we’ve learned the leather can be tightened on these cars with a heat gun and some conditioner so DIY’ers shouldn’t have a hard time.

At $13,998 this Designo Launch Edition S550 could be a great deal for the right buyer looking to stand out from the crowd of used Silver over Grey S-Classes currently on the market. Just remember, these cars, although can be bought for pennies on the dollar, can still carry a repair bill commiserate to a 100k MSRP. On top of that, the early M273’s had an issue with weak balancer shafts. A quick VIN check should be able to help buyers determine whether or not this model fits, and then a VMI check should tell if it’s been addressed. Hopefully by 100k miles this car’s been well sorted and is ready to double that number with a new pilot.



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