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Does this Green over Green 300E Make You Green with Envy?

Recently posted in Monterey, CA, this 1991 300E has us green with envy and if we weren’t 2500 miles away from it, there’s a good chance we’d be on the way to save it. It can be found here on Craigslist in California for $6,500.

Finished in Seafoam Green Metallic (261) over Green leather, this rare combo looks great in photos and even better in person. Notable options on this W124 include heated front seats, an automatic rear sunshade, and the original Becker head unit still intact.

As with most cars this age there are some flaws. The seller notes peeling/blistering clear coat on the hood and roof along with some faded trim and wheels in need of refinishing. Otherwise the car is reported to run well and is equipped with new tires.

Sure a well-kept w124 isn’t hard to find but factor in the options and colors of this one and you’ll be hard-pressed to replicate it. Altogether, with 100k miles on the clock, we think this is a decent deal given the rarity and we’d love to see one of our followers take this on as a light project.



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