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Driver-Quality AMG for All Seasons: 2001 E55 AMG

As we continually see through various sales reports and auction sites, the W210 E55 AMG continues to climb the value ladder amongst future-classic Mercedes. As these cars grow in value and popularity, it seems they’re being actively hunted not only by collectors and enthusiasts but by resellers and dealers simultaneously. Recently listed here on Hemmings, this 2001 E55 AMG appears to be a fair deal at a $15,900 asking price. It shows 84k miles on the odometer and is offered by a dealer out of Delray Beach, Florida. Previously, this car bid up to $12,500 with Reserve not met on Bring A Trailer on December 9, 2020.

While we may get more excited over rarer color combinations, this E55 certainly fits the classic look so many buyers love. Brilliant Silver (744) over a Black (521) Leather interior seems to be the standard for these cars and although the most common sight, could be considered the most fitting for this timeless design. From the few photos given, this example seems well kept and while may not be considered “mint”, appears very clean. Most often Brilliant Silver cars easily show paint defects or evidence of repaints and touch ups. In some shots, the driver's side front fender appears to be slightly mismatched but the Carfax only shows a rear end accident in 2010. We can note that the Xenon headlamps aren’t suffering from fading or clouding so that’s a positive mark although a proper lens restoration is still recommended.

The interior seems to fit the story that this E55 has been well kept but driven and used as it should. The first detail we pick up on is the faded shifter surround. While it seems to match the aging of the ashtray, the vertical surfaces of the center console seem to be a little more untouched by long term UV. This may indicate the car has spent repetitive time parked outside in the same spot or position. This isn’t horribly surprising for a Florida car but good to keep in mind as the story builds. The rest of the cabin looks to be in great shape and we’re thrilled to see the original COMAND unit left in place. Shots of the trunk reveal a complete owners manual is included and hopefully some records along with it. We were hoping to see a complete set of original floor mats as well but it seems they may have been lost along the way. Hopefully the dealer has them stashed away for safekeeping.

This listing is certainly missing some details by way of information and complete photography but it’s a solid start to help potential buyers narrow their focus. We’d recommend seeing this car in person and trying to spend some time driving it in addition to under the car before buying. If the details check out, the asking price doesn’t seem to be unreasonable and maybe if there are a couple hiccups, the car can be had for a deal. This example would make a great daily driver or commuter for those seeking a W210 AMG that isn’t collector grade.

A walk around video of the car can be seen here:



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