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Ebay Special: Michael Jordan's 2007 SLR McLaren 722 Edition

As the values of SLR McLaren's continue to rise, this particular SLR sets a new bar and rightfully so. This 2007 SLR McLaren 722 Edition is formally owned by Michael Jordan, often revered as the greatest professional basketball player of all time. While we'll leave that debate for another day, there's no denying this is a truly special car. In addition to it's former celebrity owned status, the car is also a 722 Edition with only 1,084 miles.

The SLR McLaren was a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz and McLaren's Formula-1 team. While the SLR was produced from 2003-2010, the 722 Edition debuted in 2006. Features of the 722 included additional carbon fiber aero, stiffer suspension with a lower ride height, light-weight alloy wheels, and larger front brakes. On the interior, additional carbon fiber trim and alcantara accents help to make this SLR just a step above the standard models. Other minor tweaks include tinted headlight and taillights and unique 722 badging.

Perhaps the most important upgrade is the tweaked 5.4L V8 which produces 641 horsepower and 605 lb-ft of torque. This is only 24 horsepower and 30 lb-ft of torque more than a standard SLR but an upgrade nonetheless. This was enough to get you from 0-60 mph in only 3.6 seconds.

The design of the SLR in general has always been.. interesting. We admit, when it first came out we weren't exactly a huge fan. Interestingly enough, as more time passes it seems to become more and more attractive. It seems as though all this long-nose coupe needed was a few years to mature.

The selling dealer is trying round 2 on ebay as it's first round ended with a high bid of only $200k. Considering MJ's CL600 Lorinser with almost 160k miles sold for $202k on ebay earlier this year, we can only assume no one knew about it. The Buy It Now price is listed at $695,750 which doesn't seem offensive for a 1k mile, MJ owned, 722 Edition SLR. The current bid is up to $245,100 at the time of writing and we expect some more bids to roll in before the auction ends today at 5:44pm.


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