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Enjoy the Car, Forget the Miles: 1989 300TE

They don’t make ‘em like they used to... In the case of this 1989 W124 there’s never been a more accurate statement. This ‘89 300TE is the ideal driver and can be found listed for sale here on Facebook Marketplace for $9,100 showing an inaccurate, but seemingly gentle, 66k miles on the clock.

Although we do our best to maintain an objective position without posts, there are certain cars we find ourselves more attached to than others. This 1989 300TE is a prime example and is offered with it’s highlights along with flaws and shortcomings which we choose to view as endearing over crippling. The seller notes that although the odometer displays 66k miles it’s been disabled for 20-25k miles. The seller mentions the true mileage is expected to be around the 90k mark and even if we assume another 10k miles for human error, we still love this W124 wagon.

Finished in Black (040) over grey with a stately pinstripe and leather-wrapped steering wheel, this wagon exudes personality and character. Prospective buyers should pay attention to the fact that the body appears to be in fantastic shape and the paint has retained a lovely finish for a 31 year old car. The mileage largely appears to still be under triple digits and if that’s the case, this wagon’s barely broken in as a Swiss army knife on wheels.

The interior certainly shows careful and minimal use. From the photos given, the dashboard appears to have been well kept and seems to be crack-free unless the far right side is hiding something. The seats look to be in decent shape and even the carpets/floor mats retain a pleasant factory look compared to most W124’s on the market, mileage irrelevant. We’re pleased to see a crack-free center console on a W124 as the wood is often the first detail to show age and this is a solid indication that this wagon’s been cared for by the previous owner or owners.

The seller seems to be a short-term owner, perhaps someone that found the car with a long term owner or caretaker. It’s advertised for sale in Florida as a solid example with mentioned flaws and decent recent maintenance including: new tires, a new battery and new exhaust pipes, hangers and a muffler. The seller states that no rust is present on this 300TE.

The values of these wagons continue to increase as buyers recognize analog utilitarianism as reliable and desirable both as an asset and a lifestyle. Combine this with the color combination and condition, we can honestly call the asking price fair. Sure we’d love to see a working odometer but if documentation is strong enough, it should be trackable for the next owner and certainly lovable.


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