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European Muscle: MKB Tuned E55 AMG

We love when our subscribers ask us to feature their cars. Whether it’s in our backyard or halfway around the world it gives us the opportunity to interact with the market and learn a few things in the process. Today’s submission comes from the United Kingdom and brings quite the notoriety with it. This 2004 E55 AMG, owned by @tajsmales on Instagram, has been featured by Mercedes Driver Magazine and for good reason- It’s pushing out 620bhp thanks to some attentive tuning from MKB and is currently offered for £14,000 with only 84k on the odometer.

This E55 AMG has received a fair amount of attention under the hood but the most notable feature at first glance may be the MKB ground effects kit, which is certainly on the more aggressive side for the W211 but as this era E-Class approaches 20 years old, this kit should be regarded as a “period correct” modification. If the front bumper isn’t enough of an indication about how serious MKB was with their E55 tuning, walk around to the back and it’s all business as the rear diffuser leaves exposed (massive) pipes in indication it’s there to do a job. We’re pleased to see this W211 outfitted with a tasteful set of aftermarket tail lights and a front grille that seems to fit the build.

Under the hood, MKB tuning continues to work their magic with an upgraded supercharger pulley, ECU tune, and improved airflow. Even the exhaust has been completely stretched out including the manifolds. The seller reports the speed limiter has been removed and this E55 boasts a new top speed of 212mph. The wheel wells have been filled out nicely with new AMG-style wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sports. The stock brakes remain and given how good they were we wouldn’t see a need to upgrade unless that new top speed was frequently tapped.

Although we won’t be seeing this car in person anytime soon, we hope we get to see it on forums and social media just as frequently. Many of the W211 E55 builds have been neglected or traded in for turbo-tuned variants leaving these cars to deteriorate in some markets. Given the work from MKB and the sellers' care, this E55 should be a great example for the next owner to keep on the road and carry the torch.



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