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Eye-Catching Coupe: Lightly-Modified 2007 CL550 w/59k Miles

The W216 is a beautiful, sleek-bodied coupe that offers excellent performance and fantastic driving throughout the line (both AMG and non-AMG variants). For a myriad of reasons, the W216 has been somewhat overlooked in terms of resale value for the past few years and non-AMG examples are widely available at incredibly reasonable prices as compared to their original MSRP. With the recent rise in the W215 values for the CL55 & CL65 coupes, there's an increased likelihood that these W216s will follow suit in the coming years. But will that price trend apply to the non-AMG cars as well? Today's example may perhaps be a good argument that they should...

Offered for sale on ebay out of Florida, this 2007 CL550 is a non-AMG variant of the line and comes equipped in Iridium Silver (775) over Anthracite (801) nappa leather interior. Interior options rival that of it's AMG brethren and include the night view assist, AMG styling package, Bi-Xenon/active cornering illumination, dynamic seats, Keyless-Go and more.

To compensate for the smaller powerplant, this CL550 received (according to the seller) a Stage 1 ECU tune (tuner unknown) with +25 HP/ 28 Torque = 400HP; 21" ML63AMG wheels wrapped in Hankook Ventus V12 Tires (21x10" wheels all around with 275/30/21 tires); Complete CL63/65 AMG Brake Conversion with professionally painted Calipers ($5,000 upgrade); Ceramic Tints (35% all around 50% on the Windshield); and a "Custom" Steering Wheel.

The seller claims to have spent over $12,000 for the aforementioned modifications and significant maintenance such as:

- Transmission Valve Body w Electric Plate (Oil Filter and Gasket as well) --- $2400 Repair

- Complete ABC Suspension flush (both filters and 11 quarts of CHF-11S oil)

- Tune up (Spark Plugs, Air Filter and Cabin Filter)

- Belt, Belt Tensioner and 2 Idler Pulleys

- Coolant Flush

- PCV Valve (in back of Engine)

These maintenance items - especially the ABC work - are valuable for subsequent purchasers and, when combined with the low mileage, make this particular coupe an attractive offering for anyone looking to get into a presumably reliable weekend cruiser (or daily driver) for very fair money. At no reserve, anything above the current $19,995 price will take this beautiful bruiser home. Thanks to our reader, Dre (@bgmangup on instagram), for the submitting his beautiful CL550 to us. It's not everyday you find one as nicely appointed, modified, and maintained as this one.


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