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Familiar Elegance: 2008 S550 w/ 67K Miles

For all the cars we review it could be said we haven’t given the W221 S-Class it’s fair share of the spotlight. As a direct follow-up to the W220 (2000-2006 S Class) the W221 seemed to remedy all the shortcomings recognized in the “Chrysler Years.” With the predecessor being viewed as outdated and the most recent iteration (W222) still battling some depreciation and steep entry costs, the W221 really hits the sweet spot between accessibility, technology, and that classic je-nais-sais-quoi feel that only a machine as special as the S-Class could convey. This specific example is a 2008 S550 showing only two owners on the carfax and 67k miles on the clock. It can be seen listed here on for $18,500.

It takes one to know one. Any S-Class owner will tell you that although options matter, any S-Class is the best Class. This 2008 S550 is nicely equipped with a solid datacard of options and a more than decent VMI. Finished in a very clean Iridium Silver over Black, this W221 captures a classic Mercedes color combination and while other models may be overlooked, we love an S-Class in Silver over Black. Notably, this car does have the Sport package which included AMG ground effects and wheels for a more aggressive and updated look compared to the other early W221’s.

The biggest complaint with these cars (and others from the 2007-2008) was the failure of the idler gear among the early M273 V8 and the M272 V6. According to the seller, this S550’s VIN falls outside the production parameters of the failure-prone models. In addition, as it’s currently with the second owner of the car it comes with a full folder of Mercedes-Benz dealer service history. The seller mentions they had purchased from a dealer some years back, assuming under CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) status. If that’s the case we wouldn’t be worried about the service history or maintenance of this car as a prospective buyer.

At an $18,500 asking price, this is a lot of car for the money but a lot of value no matter how you split the facts. These W221’s are one of the most comfortable rides money can buy and the quality was truly unsurpassed. As a car that once retailed for more than $100k, the price may have changed more than ten years later but the S-Class doesn’t know the meaning of depreciation, it’s still as much a luxury flagship as it ever was.



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