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Ferrari-Fast with Minivan Space: 2005 E55 AMG Wagon

If you’re in the market for a rare, unique, and versatile AMG look no further than this listing in Atlanta, GA (Yes, again). This 2005 E55 AMG Wagon was recently listed with 133k on the odometer for a seemingly reasonable $25,000 asking price. It can be found here on Craigslist complete with a dealer contact number, VIN, and 24 decent photos.

When the E55 debuted, it came with a long stat sheet but Car and Driver found a way to relate it back to the general market. As a singular vehicle that wears a closet full of hats the E55 Wagon boasted the 0-60 time of a Porsche C2S, a quarter-mile time equal to that of the Ferrari Scaglietti, a 0-150 time to match the Corvette Z51, more cargo capacity than a Cayenne, and the passenger capacity of a minivan. Combine all that with greater exclusivity by build numbers than most exotics and the E55 Wagon was an instant classic. Fast forward to 2020 and these super sleepers are still in high demand compared to their sedan counterparts.

Although this E55 has seen some miles, it certainly appears to have more ahead of it than behind. The Black (040) paint still retains a nice finish and seems to have been nicely kept over the years. Pleasantly, the headlights don’t suffer from cloudiness and even the lower grille and bumper lip seem to be intact. Only one wheel is given a close up shot but if we’re going to make any assumptions, we hope we can assume the other three are in the same very nice condition.

The Black Leather (251) interior shows largely the same as the exterior- There’s some light wear that clearly indicates this AMG has been used but simultaneously loved. Most notably, the driver’s seat bolster shows some heavy creases and discoloration at the typical slide in/slide out point but otherwise, this is an exceptionally clean cabin. The rear seats look barely used along with the cargo area. We’re pleased to see some OEM accessories still in the car including the original floor mats and the cargo cover/dog guard. General options include all the usual amenities but we’ll point out the keyless go (with the push button on the gear knob), the power folding rear headrests, and the Dynamic Front Seats (433,434).

Some shoppers may be put off by spending $25k on a 15 year old wagon with 133k miles and if that’s the case please revisit paragraph two of this review. This is one of the coolest AMG’s of the last few decades and these are destined to become more collectible as time goes on. For the shoppers new to AMG, maintenance on these cars isn’t bad but parts and labor can be costly at times- remember, this was a $90k MSRP in 2004. That being said, this car will reward you and pay back dividends ten times over in driver appreciation and total enjoyment.



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