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Fresh Listing: 1998 C43 AMG

We love running our searches on Monday’s, so many solid listings come out of the woodwork on weekends. Our first find, this 1998 C43 AMG showing 136k on the clock and an asking price of $9,500. It can be found listed here on Craigslist in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Finished in Glacier White over a silver/black two tone interior, this car was one of 579 C43’s sold in the US for 1998. Break that down by color and options, this car should be in the 1-5% range for rarity. Fast forward to 2020 and we’re willing to bet the rarity quotient has increased even more as you’d expect with a limited production car currently on the upswing from the value trough.

The seller seems to have given us a decent write up discussing known flaws of these cars, current condition, and recent maintenance items. Altogether this C43 doesn’t seem to suffer from any rust in the usual places and the last year or so of maintenance includes:

-New OEM radiator and full coolant flush

-Upgraded transmission conductor plate and full fluid flush

-New motor mounts

-New spark plugs (all 16), coils and spark plug wires

-Original forged AMG “Monoblock” wheels stripped and re-powder coated

-New H&R sport springs and Bilstein B8 shocks

-New OEM front bumper cover/splitter

-New OEM amplifier for the Bose stereo

-New headliner

There isn’t much to complain about on this car from a buyer's perspective. The seller has managed to keep the OEM head unit, as Mercedes from this era edge toward classic status, retaining the factory look goes a long way and the head unit/radio faceplate is typically the first to go. We’d like to get a peek under the all-weather mats to see if the OEM C43 AMG floor mats are still included. We’d also like to get a look at the steering wheel more closely as it’s been rewrapped from it’s OEM two-tone appearance. Otherwise the seats and trim look to be in decent shape and the factory cell phone was even kept intact.

Hopefully an enthusiastic buyer can step in and pick up where the seller has left off with this increasingly rare future classic. Don’t let the miles scare you away from this one, these engines can run for twice this distance with ease.



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