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Fun for the Whole Family: 2008 E63 AMG Wagon

Here’s a good deal on what appears to be a really nice looking 2008 E63 AMG wagon. These S211 chassis are exceedingly rare (just over 150 made), and almost always seem to have tons of mileage under their belts. This one has a claimed 74,000 miles, recent service, and some decent upgrades.

What’s to love; low mileage, recent service, upgraded exhaust, thorough listing and seemingly up-front seller with regards to condition.

What’s to be cautious of: when a deal seems too good to be true - ask for the carfax. We’d also toss that CDI badge, although we appreciate the sellers sense of humor! Other than that, looks good from where we’re sitting! find it here on FB marketplace in Tenafly, NJ for $21,900.



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