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Future Classic in Shades of Blue: 2000 SL500

Once again we look to LuxSport in Syosset, New York for clean market examples and tailored photography. The car is a well kept 2000 SL500 Designo showing a healthy but restrained 53k miles on the clock and a color combination unique enough to stand out from all the silver and black cars. The listing can be found across most sales platforms and is shown on the LuxSport website here. Asking price is $19,995 and for this spec SL500, we think it’s fair and well poised to retain value in the market.

Perhaps the most common claim to fame for the Designo Slate Blue R129, as a whole, has been the infamous example bought new by Bill Gates and reviewed on multiple enthusiast sites. These Designo editions pop up a few times every year with slightly different build sheets and options but the colors remain a constant. The paint appears to be in nice shape showing minimal defects and no signs of repaints. In a few photos, the clear coat would seem to benefit from a good clay bar treatment but altogether this car should be considered a “wash and show” example.

The interior seems to present itself in close to the same manner with only one or two minor flaws sticking out. The Blue seat inserts are in great shape with virtually no fading, even at the tops of the headrests where sun exposure is most prevalent. Given these Designo cars were optioned with the wood steering wheel as a focal point for the cabin, we’d like to see the airbag/horn pad replaced given the drooping leather in the center. Otherwise we’d like to see the original Designo floor mats included with this car to really set it off as an affordable asset.

If you’re hunting the perfect R129 SL500 to stand apart, this should certainly be a contender. You could probably find a less expensive example but would probably be hard pressed to find one as nice. We can keep going on this car but honestly we'd rather let the photos tell the story.


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Stunning color combination! And this comes from an owner of a 97 40th Anniversary Roadster SL320 in Quartz Blue!

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