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Gelandewhat? 1983 Unimog 416 Doka

It’s no secret Mercedes-Benz can create a vehicle with just about as much off-road prowess as any consumer can manage or even imagine. Typically the G-Class commands attention when people start talking about four wheel drive, solid axles, and uncompromised utilitarianism but this 1983 Unimog is here to remind us all that Mercedes’ workhorse accomplishments span far beyond the G-Class. This Unimog can be found under auction here on Bring a Trailer and is set to end Thursday, October 8th.

At first glance this Doka appears newer than 1983, that’s because the original Olive Drab has been stripped from the cab and replaced with a sharp two-stage repaint in Silver. While the truck was stripped, various levels of rust repair and body work were completed to bring it back to life. Additional modifications have helped modernize this Unimog including a custom roof rack with two 50″ LED light bars, an LED light reverse bar, LED headlights, a front PTO winch and rear electric winch, mud flaps, and a bed-mounted 300-liter fuel tank and toolbox. Altogether, it’s a fully equipped Tonka truck for those of us still wanting to play in sandboxes.

The interior, while nicely kept and accurately appointed, has been left largely original. These interiors don’t beg for LEDs or thick bucket seats, but instead feel most appropriate with tractor-like accessories to manage enough comfort for a full day’s work but retain enough durability for 30 years or more of wear and tear.

In order to fully understand the idea and satisfaction behind Unimog ownership, one should really have access to countless miles of open trails or a horse farm in need of relentless work. The Unimog succeeds where the G-Class, Land Cruiser, and Land Rover Defender fall short in situations more aptly in need of a road-legal tractor. For those after the experience, these can still be registered and driven on roads so don’t go buying the land first- buy this Unimog and make it the ultimate grocery getter until 100 acres in the Black Forest open up.



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