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Going Green: 42k-mile 1991 300SL

Not a ton of info provided by the seller on this 1991 300SL in Houston, TX with roughly 42,000 miles, but we can't help but admire the beautiful shade(s) of green that is rarely seen on an R129. We believe the color to be either Tourmaline Green (269) or Emerald Green (189), either way we're pretty infatuated by how it looks on this generation SL, and will certainly set you apart from the plethora of Silver or Black cars out there (Not to say we don't enjoy those as well). Seller is asking $8,500 and considering the mileage, we can't complain.

We also enjoy the fact that this color is found on a nice M104-powered 300SL, as opposed to the larger M119 or M120 offered on the SL500's or 600's respectively. Although the M104 is no slouch, this gives the car an overall more laid-back top-down cruiser feel, as opposed a large displacement, power pushing sports car - a gentlemen's cruiser, if we may.

All aspects of the car appear to present well, including an overall tidy tan interior (some light wear is visible on the driver's bolster), and some nicely optioned period-correct 90's electronics including the original radio, a Nynex 832 portable car phone.

So if you are in the market for a unique R129, this might just be a good option for you. It's worth inquiring if the motors that control the hard and soft tops have ever been replaced or rebuilt. We'd hope that the owner can share more info on some of the details in person, otherwise do your homework before heading over to see it, and perhaps even asking for a PPI from a reputable shop nearby.


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