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Gold & Ivory is Back: 1998 SL600 Sport

There’s always another auction right? That might be the case but we challenge our readers to find another R129 like the one Bring a Trailer just launched. Take a look at the photos and the options list of this 66k mile 1998 SL600 and tell us this isn’t a spectacular build. It can be found here on Bring a Trailer. The auction is scheduled to end July 30th.

There's a lot to discuss on this car but what has us captivated is the color. This 1998 SL600 is finished in Light Ivory (623) over Exclusive Mushroom Nappa hide (565). Burl wood veneer accents the dash, center console, door panels, and steering wheel. A paint matched pano top caps off this rare SL aesthetically while our favorite detail goes unnoticed... Take a walk around the car and you’ll see the car received the oh so 90’s gold emblem treatment on the rear badges, side V12 badges and grille star. We know this is considered antiquated but it looks so good on this presentation.

Don’t let the soft color palette fool you, this car also received an AMG sport package from the factory. The M120 V12 can back up the styling with almost 400 horsepower and 420 ft-lbs of torque. The Sport package included AMG bumpers, side skirts, and 18” staggered Monoblocks. Other notable options include bi-xenon headlamps, a factory CD changer, and the factory wind deflector.

We don’t know the last time we saw an R129 with such a striking combination of colors and options. We’ve already subscribed to this auction for updates and we’re looking forward to watching this over the next week.



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