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Good Value at any Mileage: 1999 S320 LWB

It’s no secret the W140 is finally being appreciated for what it is; possibly the best S Class ever made and ever to be made. Smart shoppers are scooping up clean examples and the prices are creeping up towards the W210 E55 values with similar mileage. Even at higher mileage the right W140 can carry unexpected value. This 1999 S320 is a prime example and can be found listed here on Craigslist for $6,800 with 177k miles on the clock. It’s well optioned and proudly displays a set of model-specific Monoblocks.

As these cars age into the 20+ year mark, it’s becoming more obvious which have been taken care of or neglected and mileage can be slightly less relevant when two decades of care are in question. This 1999 S320 definitely seems to be on the “loved and maintained” side of things. The owner states recent maintenance includes: upper control arms (OEM Mercedes), front sway bar ends links, power steering pump and all related P/S hoses, all coolant hoses (OEM), all 4 Bilstein shocks, Mercedes synthetic transmission fluid and filter replaced, new front rotors and Mercedes brake pads. We’d also like to point out the relatively new Michelin Pilot Sport AS3’s. Those alone are close to 20 percent of the car's value and prospective buyers should recognize the owners commitment to the car.

The Smoke Silver paint looks to be in very nice shape and the typically worn bumpers seem to be equally as well kept. The beige interior is clean as well with the front seats showing minimal creasing (As they should with this mileage) and the back seats looking almost new. Close to perfect factory floor mats are included with the car as well which further indicates responsible ownership.

To some the M104 may invoke feelings of inadequacy compared to the M119 or M120 in these LWB 140’s but S320 drivers can cruise past the gas stations and banks laughing as their straight six continues to run like a sewing machine for hundreds of thousands more miles. At Interstate cruising speeds, the S320 certainly holds its own and isn’t afraid to reach 140 miles per hour when needed.

Model year 1999 W140’s will always be the most desirable for the lowest production numbers and least year for the car before the overly complicated W220’s took over. Less than 900 S320 LWB’s were sold in North America in 1999 and there aren’t many left in comparable shape.



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