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Great value on a 2001 ML55 AMG

If you are ready to traverse The Lost World (any other Jurassic Park fans in here?), otherwise known as the year 2020, then today's find might be just the truck for you. This well presented first generation ML55 (W163) listed in Portland, Oregon for $6,000, finished in Black Opal over a gracefully aged Black Leather interior has a lot going for it.

With prices on the upswing for these early ML's, this is a good opportunity to get into one that appears to be well treated, at a price point that will likely maintain itself or increase during your ownership. With 135,000 miles clocked to date, it's also seen enough mileage that you can enjoy the car freely, and not fuss about losing dollars per mile put on an appreciating asset.

The Brabus wheels are certainly added value, however will likely be met with split opinions as to whether they are preferred over the stock AMG wheels. Personally, we'd source a stock set, and keep the Brabus wheels as a spare/alternative set-up for when you feel like mixing things up. Frankly you'd be doing yourself and others a world of good in getting those Nankang tires off the road as well.

The icing on the cake comes in the form of a 5.5L V8 M113 engine producing 342hp, mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox and full 4WD capabilities. There isn't much you're giving up in terms of owning both a highly capable truck and luxury sports car, at a very affordable rate. The owner states great Northwest ownership history, as well as fully functioning mechanics and electronics. Rust is certainly a concern on this generation of ML, as they are prone to having issues. If you can gain comfort around the fact that this is an overall rust-free W163, we think this is a fantastic deal.


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