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Green Means Go (Fast): 1994 Mercedes-Benz E500 RENNtech

Offered for sale on craigslist out of Long Island, NY is a trifecta of cool: the king of the US-spec W124 sedans with a bunch of extra goodies and and a great color combo.

Starting off, the W124 E500/500E needs no introduction. Produced from 1992-1995, the 500E is a well-known and popular enthusiast Mercedes. Values seem to hold steady and despite higher mileage, still tend to increase with age. The 5.0L M119 was rated at 325hp and 354lb-ft of torque when new. This example shows 99,000 miles and and a repaint in what appears to be Andradite/Jade Green Metallic.

This specific example sports a number of modifications to improve its performance and handling such as a RENNtech ECU tune and a RENNtech carbon fiber airbox. The seller claims that the upgraded brakes are from a CLK Black Series, but the calipers are emblazoned with RENNtech logos so questions remain as to their exact origin; but they still look to provide much improved stopping power over the stock units.

Gone are the stock wheels (or even the common Aero II monoblock upgrade) on this car. Instead, this example wears 19" CLS55 AMG wheels (to accommodate the larger brakes) which actually pair quite well with the squarebody W124 and its flared fenders. This mixed bag of upgrades continues with claims of a Brabus stainless steel polished exhaust which should sound nice pushing the likely 400-ish bhp from the tuned 500E powerplant. One thing the seller doesn't mention is what appears to be an AMG-style ducktail and a rear window spoiler around back. The ducktail pairs well with the rest of the car but we can "take it or leave it" when it comes to the window spoiler.

The seller claims this former "doctor owned" car has been maintained with no expense spared and, for any prospective buyers, we hope this is true. Obviously a lot of information is lacking on this one (such as interior photos) and any insight into what maintenance has been performed on the car, prior accidents/damage, etc. One big question would be who performed the repaint and what the quality of the respray is presently.

All those things aside, this car has the potential to be a killer W124 pickup for anyone looking to get into the 500E/E500 market. Whether or not the mixed bag of upgrades (and the repaint) impact the price against a stock one, is anyone's guess. With an asking price of $38,000, this could be a winning number if the condition, maintenance, records, history and repaint are all up to speed with the rest of the car. Let us know if you find out anymore info on this (potentially) great green machine in person. We'd love to hear more!


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