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In Search of Loving Owner: 2002 E55 AMG

Every time we find a new W210 E55 AMG listing, we get excited. So many of these cars are still finding their way out of garages and into the market for the first time in more than a decade. This specific 2002 E55 AMG can be found listed on Craigslist for $7,800.

Showing just 120k on the clock, this car seems to be in fairly decent shape. Oftentimes with Brilliant Silver, paint work is easy to spot and body imperfections readily identified. Although the paint and body appear to be largely ok, there are some questions we have along with some interior details needing additional information and explanation.

Starting with the rear of the car, we question the paint on the rear bumper when compared to the trunk and rear quarters, perhaps the lighting is off but we’d appreciate some well-lit shots. This leads us to the outer rear tail lights which the keen-eyed will notice are non-AMG variants (AMG tails being smoked, of course.) Typically when we see this, it indicates an accident or shoddy replacement. Pay closer attention still and you’ll notice the badges are sitting about an inch too low on the deck lid. The rest of the body seems to be nice and there doesn’t seem to be any indication of rust in the usual places.

Poke around the interior and you’ll notice some details worth asking about. Most noticeably, the wood in the front of the car is severely faded when compared to the rear door cards. The seats seem to be suffering from numerous deep scratches and the steering wheel has been wrapped and poorly stitched with a perforated leather or vinyl. Other details we’d want to ask about include the cupholder, head liner, and OEM floor mats.

All this being said, the seller notes the car to have a clean title and to be a solid performer. If this E55 has decent maintenance records we still wouldn’t be terribly afraid to tackle the cosmetic work in order to save a largely nice car. Also, we really appreciate finding a listing with a solid attempt at good photos that thoroughly tell a story. The asking price isn’t far off the mark but given all of the details mentioned above, the asking price is still fair given it’s a no rust, decent mileage, E55 AMG. If it didn’t have these issues it’s easily a $10-12k car so asking price is in the fair range.



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