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In the Black: 2002 E55 AMG

As the W210 E55 market continues to rise, finding well-priced examples becomes increasingly difficult. Today's offering, listed for sale here on Facebook Marketplace out of Plano, IL, appears to be an aberration... but is it hiding more than meets the eye?

This 2002 example is finished in Black (040) paint over two-tone Black and Grey Nappa Leather. The car was recently detailed but extensive yellowing of the white inserts remains on the seats and especially the top of the steering wheel.

This example has been slightly modified with Bilstein springs, a deletion of the secondary cat, removal of the rear badging, color-matching paint on the faces of the AMG Monoblock wheels and black plasti-dip on the OEM grill. The car also has what appears to be a K40 Radar system installed into the speedo; a nice feature but useless against modern laser guns from most statewide PDs.

Showing only 109k miles with limited service history, this car is a bit of a gamble coming from the Chicagoland area, given how prone to rust these W210s already have proven to be. But for those among us who have the stomach (or are close enough to inspect it in person) the seller's $9,000 asking price is very hard to ignore. The seller also states that he has an original COMAND navigation unit (and bracket) for the car.

Bringing this example back to stock might yield a nice find for the gambler's out there, and at $9,000 its a difficult proposition to pass up.


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