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Is your champagne flute half-full or half-empty: 2004 Maybach 62

We’re not picky when it comes to unique Mercedes. Anything rare catches our attention including details, options, and colors. (Obviously the more exclusivity-boxes checked, the better). This 2004 Maybach 62 checks just about all of those boxes. It can be found listed here with Private Collection Motors in Costa Mesa, CA for $129,995.

Although mixed reviews flowed from industry publications when the Maybach brand was relaunched by DaimlerChrysler AG in the early 2000’s, everyone agreed the W240 chassis had a massive road-presence in both the 57 and 62 models (the numbers denoting vehicle length in decimeters.) Within a year of the launch, Maybachs started showing up parked alongside Phantoms in New York City and the superyachts moored in Monaco.

Although the history of this specific Maybach 62 is unknown, we venture the original owner is one of the more interesting people we could meet. A special order from Mercedes in Rocky Mountains Dark Brown (491U) accented by Rocky Mountains Light Brown (697O) on the body insert, this Maybach 62 stands out from the majority of other Maybachs upon first glance. Dig a little deeper and the interior is just as rich trimmed in Exclusive Maui Pearl Nappa Leather (535A) and trimmed in what appears to be a Cherry/Black Piano lacquer (737) on just about every surface including door sills and headliner inserts.

The options lists on these cars were as extensive as the owners wanted them to be. Noteworthy options on this 62 include (H11) electrotransparent panoramic glass roof with solar module, rear reclining and massage seats, and rear refrigeration. With over two million combinations available, it’s safe to say no two Maybach 62’s were identical.

There’s a good chance given the options on this car, sticker price would have soared past 420k in 2004 but with all ultra-luxury cars, the patient buyer can typically take advantage of some ultra-depreciation. Showing only 38k miles on the clock, this exceptionally-optioned Maybach 62 is currently discounted more than 80% from new. That might just be enough to make us forget about price and consider the value proposition. What do you think?



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