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It's a Good Day when an SL74 is Listed: 1997 SL74 RENNtech

A naturally aspirated 7.4 Liter, 48 Valve, 4 cam V12 pushing out 575HP and 600lb-ft of torque- Those are the short stats when looking at a RENNtech-built SL74 on paper. Fortunately a recent listing for a low mileage 1997 SL74 affords the average onlooker a little more than just statistics. Posted within the last 24 hours, this SL74 RENNtech has been listed here on eBay. It shows 17,993 miles on the odometer and asking price is a whopping but suitable $200,000. These cars are inherently special and we go on for days about the properties that set them apart from virtually any other SL on the planet but this one, as one of the lowest mileage examples we’ve seen, does a great job of telling it’s story through photos and documentation.

The basics? A Brilliant Silver Metallic (744) over Exclusive Grey Leather (568) 1997 SL600. No options on the datacard and no extras, well as far as SL600’s go. What started out as a $130k price tag in the late 90’s was deemed at one point “insufficient.” Another $64k was promptly spent on this example by way of RENNtech’s applied magic to bolster this M120 V12 out to a 452 cubic inch monster and the ability to perform like a true $200k supercar. If this SL looks like it’s just stepped out of a museum, it’s because it has. The current owner acquired the car in 2009 and since purchase it’s seen about 15-50 miles per year while in storage as a showpiece of his collection.

Often the talking point of these cars lies below the surface so what was it that $64k worth of goodies got you from RENNtech at that point? Per the owner, The engine was fully built with Titanium Rods, high performance intake and exhaust camshafts (4), ported intake and exhaust, modified intake, larger and lighter (Mercedes F1) intake and exhaust valves plus a full stainless steel high flow exhaust “matched to the engine”. The 5-speed automatic transmission has been upgraded to handle the extra power and torque while a massive aluminum radiator along with oil cooler and transmission cooler with a separate electric fan just for good measure has also been added. Suspension-wise, the car has a larger front and rear sway bar, but retains the V12s very nice and adaptive hydraulic system. You will notice the upgraded 4 link heim joint rear end. This was another expensive upgrade that helped the car handle, not to mention strengthened the car under extra duress of the increased performance. To cap it all off, this SL received the Alcon brake upgrade on all four corners to ensure this SL can slow its roll as fast as it can start.

Of course, as an SL, this car already had all the creature comforts needed but it also comes with an extra set of wheels in addition to the very good looking OZ Opera’s shown in the photos. That’s not the end of the accouterments, two hardtops are also included. As the datacard doesn’t show a pano top optioned, the original (non-Pano) has been offered along side the Pano shown in the photos. According to the seller, this top was sourced from a 20k-mile Silver Arrow. With 100% original panels, paint, and finishes, this SL74 RENNtech certainly seems to be worth the ask for the right buyer. It’s priced at the top of the current market (what little market there is) and is almost certainly destined for another collection where it will see another routine 15-50 miles per year under new ownership.



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