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Know What to Ask: 1986 500 SEC "6.0 AMG" Widebody

If you're going to consider spending $200k+ on a car, we'd venture to guess you'd like to be confident in your purchase? Well if the car you are considering shelling out for is this Widebody 1986 Mercedes-Benz 6.0 SEC AMG listed on eBay, then you should probably have quite a few questions lined up for the seller to get you comfortable.

The most pressing question is how does the seller determine the motor to be a true 6.0L Affalterbach built motor? Sure, they could point all the fingers they want at the DOHC set-up, but AMG offered 32V conversions in each of 5.0/5.4/5.6/6.0L form. We would venture to guess the seller does not have the paperwork to support the use of the term "Hammer" so loosely, and there has been no mention of measuring displacement anywhere in the description. Looking through the photos provided in the listing, there are no shots of the door jams or radiator support to look for any AMG tags or stickers designating engine output.

Digging deeper, the datacard shows this car to have been originally delivered in 199 Blue-Black Metallic with 271 Anthracite interior. The Recaro CSE front seats are a nice touch, but would not have been fitted to the car by AMG in 1985 when the car was being built. We could do without the two-toned re-stitched seats, but otherwise the interior looks to be in nice shape overall. The addition of the woodgrain along the top of the door pockets is AMG specific but appears to be the only additional piece.

Getting into some of the finer details, the steering wheel appears to be a non-correct Momo(?) fitted with an AMG center. The 300kmh Speedo, which is frequently paired with an uprated engine modification from AMG, does not look to be 100% to spec from where we're sitting, but perhaps something that could have been further "customized" during prior ownership.

There is plenty to love here. We are suckers for a nice set of Aero III's, which appear to be in very nice shape, and finished in body-color matching white. The front fenders exhibit the correct AMG stamping and part numbers, which is a key element in denoting this car as a true "Widebody."

So what do we make of this thing? Well, given the evidence at hand, it is a heavily modified W126 both by previous owners, and perhaps by the geniuses over in Affalterbach as well, but there is a long bridge of questions to cross before we'd consider forking over $205k. With a little bit of homework we found these same photos used in a listing from 2018 for this car. It'd be wise to ask for some updated photos in various lighting to get an idea of the curent condition of the car. Given recent sales of certified 6.0L Widebody cars, this would certainly be a bargain at that price if the engine is in fact a 6.0L.


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