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Koenig Sighting: 1979 500SL Koenig Specials

It’s not often we post cars for sale outside the United States but when we do they’re guaranteed to be interesting and discussion worthy. On top of that, we’ll try to at least guarantee it can be imported stateside...we hate when the European market teases us with AMG wagons and diesels we can’t have. This 1979 500SL Koenig Specials is currently listed here on Auto Scout 24 for just over $40,000.

Finished in Mystic Blue Metallic (repainted in the 80’s from Red), the car looks properly 80’s specific. The hardtop is paint matched and a few minor blemishes are notes by the seller. The soft top is reportedly new and all maintenance is up to date. The additionally car comes with Koenig documentation along with ownership history.

There’s a lot of mystery behind some of these Koenig cars as they become more collectible and less commonly listed. Rarely does documentation accompany their cars and although we’d prefer a W126 with the KS treatment, a 107 would be an absolute blast.



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