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Less Can Be More: 1998 S320 LWB w/ 89K Miles

It’s no secret the late W140’s are appreciating in value and being appreciated by more drivers in 2020. Superior build quality combined with timeless design, and quality materials makes the 90’s S Class one of the best Mercedes ever built. Smart shoppers are scooping up clean examples and the prices are creeping up towards the W210 E55 values with similar mileage. The S320 however still seems to be a massively good bargain in some circles as it’s still seen by most as the base model but should be regarded as anything but that. This 1998 S320 LWB we found for sale here on Facebook Marketplace is a perfect example. Asking price is a mere $4,500 and this nice example shows 89k on the odometer.

Listed by the seller as a 2 owner example, this Black over beige S320 offers everything you need for the less-is-more focused drivers. With the shorter wheelbase, no heated seats, no rear sunshade, and half the cylinders compared to the top of the line models, this S320 can be viewed as either glass half full or half empty.

There are times we can make a compelling (or economical) argument for the M104 powered S Class and for this car in particular, the lack of options. The exterior appears every bit as nice as you’d hope from a sub 100k car. From the photos we can’t see any blemishes or issues. The same goes for the interior aside from the c carpets needing a good steam clean. The original floor mats are even present.

If the simplicity of the M104 or the mileage to value ratio doesn’t compel you, remember this is a $4,500 1998 S Class. From the moment you start this car up it will drive, ride, and present as though it’s an 80K car. Pair that with the peace of mind brought on by this model and you may have a winning combination.



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