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Like New in Amazonite Green: 1996 E320 w/ 22k Miles

Currently listed for sale with little to no detail is this 1996 E320 and that’s quite alright with us. Showing ultra low miles at 22k in a timeless color combination, we’d like to find a reason to buy this today. It can be found here on Facebook Marketplace for $9,995 just outside Chicago, Illinois.

A quick VIN search tells us this was a January 1996 delivery W210 and although everything on the car was fairly standard, it’s equipped nicely. Finished in the rarely seen Amazonite Green Metallic (208) over Alpaca Grey leather this car should be just as pleasant to look at for years to come. We wish more history was given either in the write up or by way of a Carfax but interested parties shouldn’t have a hard time finding what they need.

The early W210 E320’s got the arguably better M104 straight 6 between 1995 and 1997 (1998 Saw the introduction of the M112). The M104 lent 217 horsepower for these models and that was and still is plenty for daily use. We expect a car like this to appreciate even as it collects more miles in the next 5-10 years. We’d recommend this to anyone hunting for a daily-use sedan, as long as they send us photos and updates periodically.


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Aamir Tanveer
Aamir Tanveer
22 de jul. de 2020

Wow, and this is local to me! I wish I was in the market for a second car...

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