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Loaded Options, Easy Price: 2001 S500 Sport

It’s no secret the W220 S Class is finally settling into its place as a young classic amidst the already accepted models from similar years. As well-sorted examples become harder to track down, we’re finding ourselves increasingly attracted to the survivors, more so if they offer a decent showing of retro-cool technology from the early 2000’s. Today’s find, a 2001 S500, has us loving it for all the right reasons. It can be found listed here on Facebook Marketplace for a cool $7,995 outside of Atlanta, GA with 67k on the odometer as a 1-owner example.

Finished in Brilliant Silver (744) over Black Nappa Leather (231), this S Class may be boring to some but we like to think of it as timeless. For those looking for a little more excitement out of their W220, this one does have a factory Sport kit optioned with it. This kit includes the AMG ground effects along with the 18” staggered AMG wheels and really sets these cars apart when this option box is skipped. Typically low mileage cars like this are in decent shape but we love seeing how clean this car is, even down to the headlights (Which typically cloud over on the early models) it’s in fantastic shape.

If the exterior surprises you then the interior is bound to meet expectations. The Black Leather has managed to keep a nice factory look about it throughout the near 70k miles of use. The wood trim isn’t faded or cracked and all the screens appear to work as they should. A nice shot of the gear shift and surrounding area hints at some fun tech from the early 2000’s- The first iteration of Distronic from Mercedes or “Adaptive Cruise Control”. This system, which was radar guided, could adjust the cruise speed automatically by locking on to a car in front of you in order to maintain a safe following distance. The seller doesn’t mention the system is still functional but we’re hopeful.

As the W220 S Class ages we find them harder to resist when clean examples are listed. Well sorted examples can be extremely rewarding to own and drive especially as the W220 seems to be aging more gracefully these days.Specific finds like this one, although not easy on the wallet, are sure to appreciate if they’re well taken care of by responsible and attentive owners.



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