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Low Mileage and a Timeless Look: 1996 SL600

As value for R129’s still seem to be finding a sweet spot, the V12 variants continue to command a premium despite complicated technology and inevitably high repair costs. This 1996 SL600 is one of the cleaner examples currently on the market and although it was just listed, shouldn’t linger terribly long.

Finished in Black (040) over Mushroom (565), this SL retains classic Mercedes styling cues and should appeal to buyers as a future collectible showing only 39k miles on the clock. The seller reports a 22 year ownership under which 24k miles have been added. Numerous details are given regarding upkeep and condition including climate controlled storage since the late 90’s and deionized washes. It's also important we mention the 2-piece AMG wheels by BBS, this wheel option has become almost unobtanium today and sets can trade hands for as much as 4k USD. Included with the car is a detailed maintenance history, records, and all appropriate books/literature. The top, suspension, and features are all reported to be in working order as well. For $25,000, this could be a buy considering how many of these cars have fallen into disrepair due to high repair bills and scarcity of parts.

The Craigslist ad can be found here, the car is being sold in Phoenix, Arizona.



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