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Low Mileage and Clean: 44k-mile 2000 E320 4Matic

We've been finding some very intriguing w210's lately and this one is no exception. Listed in Somerville, Massachusetts is this E320 4Matic with only 44k-miles. In addition to low mileage, we think the price is pretty low too at $7,950. It's actually fairly uncommon to find a w210 sedan as a 4matic, most of the 4Matics were wagons. The selling dealer states the car has a clean history and is a one-owner vehicle.

This E320 is Brilliant Silver over Charcoal leather, a standard yet classic look. Judging from the pictures provided, the car appears to be very clean and fully supports 44k-miles. It's conservatively optioned with heated seats and everything else appears to be mostly standard. With these silver colored Benzes, it's usually easier to tell if any paint work has been performed and most commonly you'll notice a front fender or door that looks a shade or two off. This one looks to be all original and the paint is still in excellent shape. There appears to be no rust at all although... yeah you know, just ask.

The interior is very impressive. The slightest bit of wear can be seen on the driver's upper seat bolster but it's very minimal. The rest of the interior including dash, woodgrain, leather, and carpet appears immaculate. Aside from no cracking on the wood, there's no faded pieces either leading us to believe this car has been garaged. With a $7,950 asking price, this should make an excellent value to whoever picks it up.


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