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Low Mileage Driver: 43k-mile 1993 190E 2.6 Sportline

With only 700 units made for the US market, the Sportline spec 190E is a rare find. This 1993 190E Sportline can be found in Santa Clara, CA on Craigslist with an asking price of $10,500. The car shows a very low 43k miles and is in nice shape overall. The 1993 w201 was the last year model for the 190E before it became known as the C Class for the w202 chassis.

Sportline models received Recaro seats with red inserts and piping, faux carbon fiber trim, Sportline gear shift and steering wheel, and tuned suspension which lowered the car about a half inch. The 8-hole wheels were also specific to the Sportline as they were slightly wider and wear 205/55/15 tires all around. While some did come with a manual transmission, this example is equipped with the 4-speed automatic.

Some minor paint imperfections and the typical shrinkage of the door panels can be seen. A lot of service has been performed on this car according to the seller totaling $8,500 in receipts which includes:

• 205/55/15 Dunlop Direzza DZ102 tires (x5, including spare)

• Brake rebuild (rotors, calipers, pads, hoses)

• Full service (plugs, cap, rotor, filters, fluids, coolant flush, AC recharge, trans filter and fluid, brake flush and bleed)

• Valve cover, timing cover and cam cover reseal

• Fuel accumulator and EHA control valve

• Air pump

• Front and rear driveshaft flex discs

• Thermostat and idler pulleys

• Fan tower bearing and fan clutch

• Test and install new hoses and belts as necessary

• Exhaust system rubber hangers

• Window regulator guide

• AC blower motor

• Windshield

• Windshield wiper motor

• A bunch of other little misc. things (lock tumbler repairs, replaced the side and rearview mirrors (used), new floor mats, a number of little functional items).

The 2.6L inline six cylinder was rated at 160hp from the factory. Underbody photos are provided by the seller. While the car isn't perfect, it certainly has had a healthy bit of maintenance performed and would make for a great driver to say the least.


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