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Luxury Diesel: 49k-mile 2006 E320 CDI

Long gone are the days of diesel engines that chug down the road with a distinct sound and smell. Modern diesels benefit from vast improvements in technology and engineering. In many ways, the driving experience is hardly different at all from that of the gas powered versions when comparing the w211 spec. From a quickness standpoint, this CDI is every bit as quick as it's E350 counterpart from 2006 with 0-60mph times one tenth of a second off.

This 2006 E320 CDI is equipped with a turbocharged 3.2L six cylinder engine rated at 201 hp and a whopping 369 lb-ft of torque when new. The far is finished in Alabaster White over gray leather interior which both present very well.

A major reason we really like this CDI is the fact that it's a 2006. In 2007, Mercedes introduced Bluetec which was designed to help make their diesels more environmentally friendly. While we're all about saving the environment, the Bluetec engines were known to be a bit heavier from a maintenance standpoint (oil cooler leaks which is a lot of labor- we've experienced first-hand). The simplicity of the non-Bluetec diesel is not something to overlook. You're able to get reliability and reasonable maintenance still and, as Mercedes diesels have a reputation for, should be capable of considerably more miles than a gas engine.

One of the primary benefits of diesels is gas mileage. This CDI is rated at 27mpg city and 37mpg highway. In 2006, for Mercedes-Benz, this was a big deal. Even today, these are strong numbers for the mid-size luxury car market.

This CDI has only 49k miles and is listed as a 2 owner vehicles. The seller states the car comes with all service history from Mercedes-Benz of North Houston where it was purchased new. The car is located in Brenham, TX with an asking price of $14k. If you're not into these diesels, $14k can sound a bit pricey. However, we'd consider this a solid number for this car considering it's remarkably low mileage and condition. While there's not many cars available for comparison, the seller does make reference to a 2005 E320 CDI in similar spec that sold last month on Bringatrailer for $18k (plus 5% buyer's premium) with only 42k miles.


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