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Magma-Hot W202: 1999 C280 Sport

Time capsule finds, like the 2002 E320 we recently posted, can invoke somewhat irrational excitement when found in the classifieds. This holds true for almost any model, even the most mundane or average cars from an era are exciting to see when they’re well kept and preserved. This 1999 C280 Sport checks every box for us- and then some. It can be found here on Craigslist in Houston, Texas for $8,250.

Showing just 49k miles on the clock, this little W202 has presumably had a fairly easy life and looks to be about as well kept as you’ll find one of these cars. In addition, the options list on this one makes it a rarer find than most C43’s or C36’s. The later C280’s, like this one, were powered by a 2.8 litre M112 that produced an ample but economical 194 horsepower. The optional Sport package borrowed styling cues from AMG at the time by way of ground effects, sport seats, a carbon fiber-style trim, an AMG steering wheel, and white gauge faces. Factor in the color (Magma Red 586) with the options and mileage, this little C280 is a fairly rare find. The only missing option we’d wish this car was ordered with is heated seats.

It’s important to note this appears to be the same car that sold through Bring a Trailer back in January for $7,002. You can find the auction listing here for reference. A few of the photos from the auction even made their way into the new listing with the current owner including the odometer and a shot of the rear of the car. About 2k miles have been logged since the auction, we’d want to do some investigating and ask why the quick flip. As a side note, it seems the current seller has opted for a newer set of Sport wheels from a W208 but the original Sport wheels are included (thankfully).

At this price point, this C280 is a solid find and will make a great driver for anyone shopping the W202 or W203 market. The first generation of C Class is finally coming into its own and back on the rise on the heels of the W210’s. There’s a solid chance this car could be driven regularly over the next couple years and command just as much money, if not more, by the time it’s showing 65-70k miles in 2022 or 2023.



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