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Mango Green OM616: 1980 240D

Found in Pittsburg, PA, this 1980 240D is worth a closer look. While it's not uncommon to find other W123s listed for sale, it is rare to find one in this condition. These cars are known to last for hundreds of thousands of miles and in most cases, the engine will outlast the body. Rust is always a key factor with any older Mercedes, especially a W123. Not only is this 240D completely rust free, it's also received plenty of other restoration items that sets it apart from the crowd. The car currently sits with 171k miles which is nothing for this OM616.

The first thing that grabs our attention on this 240D is the color. Finished in what we believe is Mango Green (875), this is a rare color that compliments these older Benzes very well. The seller states the car has an older repaint but still appears to be in great condition indicating a quality job. In the pictures, it appears the rubber window seals have been replaced at some point which is a good sign by ways of a quality repaint. The rubber bumper trim also appears to be in great shape although the seller states that extra chrome bumpers will come with the car amongst other extra parts.

The interior has also undergone minor restoration at one point. The seller states that MB Tex tan seats have been replaced and the dash is crack free. We'd recommend getting a full picture of the driver's seat as it appears this may have been a DYI job and some additional repairs done to the back bolster. All electrical features are said to work like new and the seller states the car is engineer owned and serviced (for whatever that may be worth to you).

The 240D is powered by a 2.4L 4 cylinder diesel which was rated at a modest 71 horsepower and 101 lb-ft of torque. Basically, you're not going to be winning any races with this car but you'll likely outlast everyone else from a longevity standpoint. According to the seller, most mechanical items have been restored or replaced. We can appreciate the level of care this car has received over the years to keep it on the road and in above-average condition. With an asking price of $7,500, this will make someone a clean cruiser capable of daily duty with style.



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