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ML55 Showing Less than 100k Miles? Yes Please: 2000 ML55 AMG

Did we mention we like green? Anyway, we came across this 2000 ML55 today listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $9,500. Although these are somewhat typical to find right now on Facebook, Craigslist, and CarGurus but it’s hard to find an ML55 showing less than 100k miles and less than 10k USD.

This is one of those rare finds and it actually seems to be decently well cared for and kept. Unfortunately the listing gives more information in the photos than the physical listing. The usual accessories that get lost are present including OEM floor mats, cargo cover, and spare wheel cover. No telling how many of these items have ended up on Craigslist without the matching car but it’s refreshing to see it all together.

From one of the photos, it looks like the current owner has opted for a slightly thicker tire (Which isn’t bad at all), otherwise the ML55 has been kept stock and clean. The hanging air fresheners on the stalk and mirror make us wonder if a smoker has owned the car. The headliner doesn’t seem to have yellowed to that regard so we’re hopeful.

Not many photos and not much information included, this seems like a great find at a decent value. Take a look and if you’re in the market, give the seller a call. Let us know what you think and what you find. THese ML55’s are creeping up in value and a lower mileage example is sure to hold value moving forward.



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