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Modern Day Barn Find: Renntech SLK230 Manual 2.5 Conversion

This listing is about as close we get to the modern version of the “barn find.” Between the rarity of the model, miles, options, and situation of the listing we’re really excited about this one and maybe we shouldn’t be...but we can’t help it. Recently listed here on eBay is this 1999 SLK230 with a 5-speed manual and a full build from Renntech in their heyday. The SLK shows just under 60k miles on the odometer and it’s unclear how long the car’s been in what appears to be a single storage unit.

There’s a lot to cover on this little car so lets start with the basics, this SLK is finished in Brilliant Silver (722) over a two tone Salsa (227) Leather interior. The only option listed on the original window sticker is for heated seats and really that’s all that was needed on these cars in the 90’s. It would have come on standard 16 inch alloy wheels and delivered 185 horsepower backed by 200 lb-ft of torque...not bad considering the era and size of the car.

At some point in this car’s history the owner decided this little R170 needed to step up the performance quotient. Renntech was called up and apparently this one was given “the works.” Almost $32,000 later (after the $41,000msrp), Renntech transformed this little roadster into a lightweight german hot rod with three pedals. Thanks to well-kept records we have an itemized build list below.

Take note that half the build consisted of punching out the little 2.3 M11 to a 2.5 and adding what we assume is a free flowing exhaust. To help manage that power adjustable Koni suspension was added along with (large for the time) 13” Alcon brakes for maximum stopping power. More interestingly it seems the rear subframe was modified to handle any extra chassis flex in the Roadster. Cap the package with some timeless forged BBS’s and you’ve got one great SLK.

No doubt that in 99 and 2000 this was the king of SLK’s until AMG unleashed their 350hp SLK32 but if the driver craved three pedals, this was still the ultimate choice for more connected, open top motoring from Mercedes. We’re thinking the $10,000 asking price is more than fair if the car checks out. We’d love to see what can be done when this car is cleaned up and listed with a full portfolio of photos...At this point we’re a click away from “Buy it Now.”



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