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New Style Luxury: 2015 S63 AMG

With an MSRP north of $140,000, the S63 AMG is not your average S class. Offered as the ultimate luxury sedan from Mercedes-Benz, the AMG specs also ensured that you got to the next red light before the guy beside you. This 2015 S63 AMG packs a healthy 577 hp and 644 lb-ft of torque from the twin-turbo V8. Currently with 73k miles, this S63 AMG can be had for a modest $53,000. Thanks to our follower Alex, @aco.w210 on Instagram, for submitting his w222 AMG to us. Interested buyer can contact him directly or through us.

The black 040 over black nappa leather 561 is a classic color combo that is sure to stand the test of time. Mercedes always makes the S class on the cutting edge of technology and with the new S class recently released, we're very curious to see how the w222 will stand up to the test of time. This big body benz does a fair job at carrying on the legendary status of these cars. The 126 and 140 chassis have proven that the S class can and will stand the test of time. We're curious to see how technology over the last decade will impact these cars as they age although, given how far ahead of the curve they always are, this should be a safe bet. The interior is nothing short of spectacular with lighting that competes with hottest downtown club. Yet, it can also make you feel more at home with more amenities than some people's house.

We can't find any imperfections on this car. The interior and exterior appear to be immaculate all around. The w222 doesn't get the credit it deserves as it truly is one of the most comfortable machines on the road today. It's sheer size in person will dwarf the car beside it in traffic and an aggressive stance is achieved with it's upgraded suspension and beefy 20" wrapped wheels. This car is being sold with a clean carfax and has spent the majority of it's life in Texas. If you're in the market for a S class, this is certainly one to consider as it aims to exceed your expectations each time you get behind the wheel.



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